One of the flaws of the iPhone X is its relatively small battery, lucky for consumers, we have no shortage of battery options, including this battery case from UGreen.

The packaging is quite minimal, with specs on the back.

The back of the product is marked with the model and parameters:
Product Model:PB128
Trial phone model: iPhone X
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer Battery
Input: 5V/2A
Total output: 5V/1A
Wireless charging output: 5W
USB-A output: 5V/1A
Cell Energy: 3600mAh 3.7V (13.32Wh)
Rated capacity: 2200mAh
Charge limit voltage: 5.25V

Here’s what’s inside: the case — in two pieces — cables and instructions.

On the back you have the company logo.

The top has this nice textured pattern to it.

And at the bottom, LED lights showing how much juice is left.

ChargerLab found that in addition to the power activation button on the bottom of the charging clip, the Micro USB input and a USB-A output port, this shows that in addition to wireless charging of the phone, this product can also be used to match The charging cable charges the phone.

Just some size comparison shots.

ChargerLAB POWER-Z KT001 test, this wireless charger power supply input voltage is 5.25V, current is 1.56A, power is 8.21W

Now let’s tear this sucker up.

The coil has a temperature measuring element inside.

506090 battery with 3,600 mAh size.

The USB holder has a piece of magnet. On the left is the indicator light bar, the right side is the part of the mobile power supply, the original front is wireless charging, the opposite is the mobile power supply, the circuit board is really small.

Yuntai ETA6986 single integrated mobile power SOC solution. Maximum charge current 5A, output 3A, suitable for mobile power.

NU1006 highly integrated full-bridge driver, high efficiency and low cost wireless charging transmitter, 5W output.

Conclusion: UGreen’s Charger Case is as expertly crafted as one should expect from a well known accessories maker. This Green Alliance iPhone X wireless charging clip power supply has been put into place in terms of circuit board design and internal space usage. Moreover, this product supports wireless charging, which solves the pain points of the iPhone X’s charging and the use of wired headphones. The wireless charging scheme adopted by this product is from Vodafone Semiconductor. The NU1300 and the power IC NU1006 are used together to form a simple, high-performance and widely applicable wireless power transmission terminal solution. It is worth noting that the back clip power supply adopts domestic chips, which indicates that domestic chips have already occupied a place in our daily products.