Anker is a company known for its chargers and we at ChargerLab has tested quite a few. Today we will look at this single USB-C charger brick which supports up to 60W output.

This charger has a matte black finish which feels very slick, very sturyd.

The charger has a foldable US/China leg.

Here it is next to two othe plugs: one by Anker and the other by Apple. Notice it’s quite a bit smaller than Apple’s 87W charger.

Here be specs. Check it out. The charger is actually named PowerPort Speed PD 60, model number A2015.

The thing weighs 151.1 grams.


Using ChargerLab’s inverter wecan see that it outputs at 5V/3A, 9V/3A.

Let’s open the damn thing up!

There’s a layer of glue around the casing.

Here be wires.

Let’s take them out.

Thereis a heat dissipation board inside.

You can see the wires around the inductors.

MPS HFC0500’s entry level PWM IC. This has high power efficiency.

There’s LED lights here.

Here is the Type-C controller board, with a USB PD controller on it.

The primary capacitor uses 100μF 400V. The rubber sleeve reinforces the insulation and shock absorption.

Taiwan Hong Yang Technology GBU806 rectifier bridge, voltage 600V, current 8A.


This charger has a sleek appearance and is relatively comfortable to use. Pins can be designed for easy carrying. The product has four different voltage output ranges and the maximum output power can reach 60W. Not only can be used to charge low-power iPhone X, New MacBook, but also to power the more powerful MacBook Pro, practicality is very strong.
After the dismantling of the rechargeable head net, the internal material of the product is luxurious, and an expensive copper heat sink is used. And using the MPS primary PWM chip, Infineon IPA65R650CE main switch and Taiwan Hong Yang Technology GBU 806 rectifier bridge. In addition, many brands of MOS such as Jieli Technology, Xinpai Technology and New Power are all used in this charger.