Moshi is an American brand that is known for its line of accessories. This IonBank 5K is particularly interesting because it won an Red Dot Design Award. So of course, we here at ChargerLab had to take a look for ourselves!

1: IonBank 5K Unboxing

Simple white box with a transparent casing that showcases the product. I really like this open packaging design. There’s a green sticker saying there is a charger inside — quite attention grabbing.

On the back of the box are the usual product description and specs.

IonBank 5K is a portable battery pack has, according to the packaging, a Vegan leather outer layer. The battery capacity is 5150 mAh and it uses Lightning plugs — so this is an iOS specific product.

On the side are more specs and numbers.

The packaging has a plastic case holding the battery, which prevents it from being damaged.

The entire packaging, flatlay style.

Here’s the instruction booklet giving basic instructions.

Right off the bat you can see the IonBank 5K looks different from other portable batteries out there. Look at the leather finish! No wonder this thing won a Red Dot Design Award.  We really like the stylish dual-tone look.

On the back, are more specs — again — and they show the output power is 5V3.4A Max and input power at 5V2.4A.

There’s some branding on the side of the battery.

So, you can see there’s a power button with LED indicators to show how much juice is left.

The front side of the battery is a combination of leather and aluminum metal, it is a very classy looking portable battery.

But, it is heavier than usual at 161.4g. This is usually how much a 10,000 mAh battery pack weighs.

The dimensions of this battery pack is 12.1 X 8.2 X 1.3cm, so why is this larger than usual?

Because it’s got a a slot to hold the Lightning cable!

This is a beautifullky designed and crafted Lightning cable.

You can extend both ends so you can charge an iPhone or iPad while charging the battery itself.

Using our device we can see that the power output is at 5.09V.

Using Power-ZX KM001 we can see that the USB port is a Samsung 2.0 port with 5V output.

During another test, you can see the output is 4.85V current with a rate of 23.74W, this is definitely top quality results.

2: Teardown

The metal wire drawing panel of IonBank 5K mobile power supply is firmly bonded with double-sided adhesive and PC case. The possibility of no damage is very small. Before dismantling, the panel needs to be heated with a blower. After a few minutes of heating, it can be carefully separated. However, the separation process is quite painful and the bonding is too strong. The PC case can be seen after the panel is removed. The next step should be to continue separation.

Though we were able to remove the metallic plate with ease, the construction was sturdy and well built.

Move the upper and lower parts of the power supply separately, and the internal structure is finally revealed. The upper circuit part, most of the middle and lower parts is the battery core and the side data cables.

You can see here that the battery is from Samsung.


PCB front view, in this small PCB board, a large number of components, the division is also more clear, PCB board and screws fixed to the housing. There are 5 wire core solder joints in the two data lines, and they are fixed with glue. The data wire at the output end is shielded. The insulation of the components is prevented by the insulating tape and the main board to prevent short-circuiting of the components and the protective measures are in place.

The battery has been cushioned to prevent shock damage.


EFM8 BB22F16G microcontrollers, Silicon Labs, EFM8 Busy Bee 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) devices are designed for a variety of general-purpose applications. They can operate up to 50MHz and have a pipelined 8-bit C8051 core. Up to 22 multi-function, +5V tolerant input/output pins with priority crossing for flexible pin mapping, 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with up to 20 channels, up to five 16-Bit Timer, Integrated Temperature Sensor, UART, SPI and SMBus/I2C Serial Communications, EFM8 8-bit Microcontroller Family with Unmatched Combination of Capabilities and Capabilities including High-Speed ​​Pipelined 8051 Core, Ultra-Low Power, Precision Analog and Enhanced Communication peripherals, integrated oscillators, small footprint packages and crossover architectures allow flexible digital and analog multiplexing to simplify PCB layout and input/output signal routing. These next-generation 8-bit devices are for engineers.

CW2015 1-2 Battery Cell.

Check out the PCB, it’s built very steadily, including cushions for four LED lights.


The biggest is the 2R2 inductor.

The left side of the inductor is the LM358 dual op amp. The internal includes two independent, high-gain, internal frequency-compensated op amps that are suitable for single-supply operation with a wide range of supply voltages and dual-supply operation.

Right MPS MP2636 all-in-one chip, synchronous rectification charge and discharge IC, maximum 3A discharge 3A charge, support 4.2V4.3V4.35V a variety of battery specifications. The MP2636 is a highly integrated, flexible switch-mode battery charger system with power path management. Widely used in portable lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries. The MP2636 can simultaneously charge mode and boost mode to allow full system management and battery power management. The MP2636 integrates the charge PWM boost PWM into a single PWM.
Six pins identify the chip 326F near the tab. Includes a high-speed pipelined 8051 core, ultra-low power, precision analog and enhanced communications peripherals, integrated oscillator, small footprint package and crossover architecture for flexible digital and analog multiplexing to simplify printed circuit board design and Input/output signal wiring. These next-generation 8-bit devices are for engineers.

3: Conclusion

Moshi IonBank 5K is a very well designed portable battery with a deserving Red Dot Design win. This is a battery that’s powerful and safe to use, and the leather adds a very classy touch to this overall strong package.