On April 12 Huawei introduced the P20, P20 Pro and Mate RS Porsche Design. Of these three, only the Mate RS Porsche Design supports wireless charging (10W speed). Huawei also released a matching wireless charger for this premium phone that supports Qi charging standards. We at ChargerLab will put this to a test.

The Mate RS Porsche Wireless Charger comes in a pure black box. The surface of the box is painted by hand supposedly. In addition to having a bar code label on the lower right corner of one side of the box, no pattern is printed on the rest of the box. It looks very premium and luxurious.

The wireless charger uses a split-body design and comes with a Huawei FCP charger and a Type-C charging cable.

Nice and thick USB-C cable.

The Huawei logo is on the charging brick.

Specs, again.

The charging stand looks very stylish, with all black and a Porsche logo. 

More specs around the back.

USB-C port.

Let’s try to take it apart.


The circuit board component surface also has silicone-assisted thermal conductivity, which reduces the temperature rise of fast wireless charging.

The guts!


On the front side of the board, the heat-generating components have silicone heat conduction.

The 20m Ω sampling resistance and the MLCC of the 1206 package show that the wireless charger rarely uses such a large-capacity capacitor. It seems that Huawei is placing a heavy burden on the high-current wireless charging.


Winbond Winbond W25X40CL memory, 4Mbit, operating voltage range 2.3-3.6V, used to store IDTP9237 configuration.

ChargerLab found that the product uses the United States IDT IDTP9237 wireless charging master.



The squad together.

Conclusion: Huawei’s fancy charger uses IDT IDTP9237 wireless charging scheme, providing protection for 10W fast wireless charging. It comes with many internal heat dissipation methods such as silica gel and aluminum plate can effectively prevent the influence of temperature rise on wireless charging power. Large volume capacitors, which are rarely used in the industry, have also been adopted to cope with high-current interference and full of sincerity. Overall, this Huawei Mate RS Porsche wireless charger has a well-designed interior, exquisite workmanship, solid materials, and, of course, that Porsche branding.