Recently Smartisan introduced a new product, which is essentially a lithium battery shaped like a traditional AA battery. It’s got an 3,350 capacity and supports both USB-A and USB-C charging. The best news is that it only costs 49 yuan, making it an insane good deal — if it works.

The Smartisan Battery has a clean, minimalistic all white packaging with a circular red logo in the middle. Quite eyecatching.

The name in Chinese is “Battery-shaped Battery.”

The box includes the battery, a USB-A to USB-C cable, instruction manuals ,and a warranty card.

Here’s a quick size comparison between the Smartisan “battery-shaped battery” and a real Duracell battery.

More size comparisons. Smartisan’s battery stands 102mm tall, with a circumference of 25.8mm. It’s actually quite sleek considering its 3,350 mAh capacity.

Here are some specifications on the back. Model number is P100, battery size is 3,350 mAh, supporting 12.2 Wh charging. Power input is 5V1A, outputs at 5V1A. Made in Beijing.

As you can see above, there’s a USB-C port and also a standard USB-A port.

Using ChargerLab’s Power-Z KM001 USB detector, we can see that the the output is only in DCP mode.

USB-A outputs at a maximum of 5V1A power.  Using a Xiaomi Mi 6 as a tester phone, we found that the charging speed does reach up to a 4.35V.

Using our ChargerLAB software, we can see that it outputs at 5V1A as advertised, at very stable rates too.

Now let’s crack open the sucker to see what’s inside.

The battery has a metal cap that can be taken out with a hard push after unscrewing the screws.

The positive end of the battery is separated by an indium paper to isolate the negative part of the power output.

Here’s the front of the PCB.

The USB-C socket uses a KRCONN plug-in.

This uses a British chipset IP5209. It’s an all-in-one chipset that both charges and discharge at the same time.

Summary: Smartisan’s “battery-shaped battery” has a great design and has both USB-C and USB-A, which is great. Unfortunately, it can only output at 5V1A which is a bit low by 2018 standards. Fortunately, the high speed data test is good. Plus, the thing is 49 yuan. What more can you expect?