Xiaomi introduced its first device to support the wireless charging last month in the Mi Mix 2S. Since Xiaomi has a successful and popular line of accessories, the company of course released its own wirless charger, and today we have an unboxing.

With a model number of MDY-09-EF,  Xiaomi’s charger is a standard Qi wireless inductive charger supporting output at 5W/7.5W. It also has protection for over-charging and temperature control.

Xiaomi’s products are also very affordable, and this is no different. Priced at 99 yuan (around US$13), it’s one of the more affordable wireless chargers out there. We have our hands on a unit, so let’s get ready to dig in for the unboxing.

The charger comes in a clean, minimalistic packaging with no other accessories.

In the above photo you can see just how thin the charger is. It’s a very clean design. The top of the pad is made of silicon, which has a grippy texture to prevent the phone from sliding off.

The bottom sees the usual specifications such as model number. You can see that it’s MDY-09-EF, and the charger supports 5V/2A and 9V/2A input.

The charger uses USB-C input, which is the standard going forward, so it will be great for traveling or at home as the cable become ubiquitous.

There’s not much more to say about the charger. It works as advertised and at 99 yuan is a great deal.