Samsung unveiled its latest flagship Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ on March 16th . The S9 and S9+ adopts USB PD protocol, the mainstream fast-charging protocol as all the major manufacturers uses this technology. So today, I’m going to test it with 32 USD PD chargers using the our POWER-Z KM001C. Let’s take a look at their performances.

Original Apple 61W charger: 9.01V/1.07A, 9.67W of power, supports USB PD high voltage fast charge.

Original Apple 29W charger: 5.03/1.91A,9.64W of power.

Dell 30W charger: 4.95V/1.95A, 9.68W of power.

Dell 45W charger: 5.04V/1.91A, 9.67W of power.

Dell 65W charger: 5.02V/1.90A, 9.59W of power.

Dell 90W charger: 5.01V/1.98A, 9.93W of power.

Lenovo 45W charger: 5V/1.94A, 9.71W of power.

Lenovo 65W charger: 4.94V/1.95A, 9.67W of power.

HP 45W charger: 5.13V/1.89A, 9.7W of power.

HP 65W charger: 4.95A/1.96A, 9.72W of power.

Xiaomi 65W Charger (wired version): 8.99V/1.09A, 9.86W of power, supports USB PD high voltage fast charger.

Xiaomi 45W Charger (wired version): 9V/1.08A, 9.75W of power, supports USB PD high voltage fast charger.

Huawei 24W Chargers: 9.09V/1.08A, 9.87W of power, supports USB PD high voltage fast charging.

Original Nintendo Switch charger: 4.85V/1.48A, 7.2W of power.

Xiaomi 45W (wireless version): 5.02v/1.93a, 9.71W of power.

Xiaomi 65W (wireless): 4.97V/1.95a, 9.75W of power.

myACT 30W charger: 4.99V/1.95A, 9.76W of power.

Kungxing 24W charger: 5.26V/1.84A, 9.68W of power.

SIMPTUNE 30W charger: 5.01V/1.94A, 9.76W of power.

SIMPTUNE 40W charger: 9.16V/1.07A, 9.88W of power.

SIMPTUNE 45W charger: 5.26V/1.85A, 9.74W of power.

Flying Eagle 45W charger: 5.02V/1.94A, 9.75W of power.

Helper 40W charger: 4.82V/1.96A, 9.5W of power.

Helper60W charger (three ports): 5.21V/1.87A, 9.77W of power.

RAVPower 30W charger: 4.93V/1.98A,9.78W of power.

Netease 65W charger: 5.11V/1.91A, 9.79W of power.

Zikko 18W charger: 5.2V/1.87A, 9.877W of power.

Leco 24W charger: 5.02V/1.94A, 9.78W of power. 

Lullian 30W charger: 5.04V/1.94A, 9.79W of power.

Qualcomm QC4+ charger: 4.95V/1.97A, 9.8W power.

Lightning Wolf 30W charger, 5.08V/1.93A, 9.81W of power. 

From the 32 USB PD chargers tests, 5 USB PD chargers supported high-voltage fast charging: the Apple A1718 (61W), Xiaomi ADC6501TM (65W), Xiaomi ADC4501TM (45W), and Huawei HW-59C200CHPQ (24W). The last high-voltage fast charger is from a third-party manufacturing factory. In other words, the Samsung S9 can support USB PD fast charging, but compared with the charger, it cannot support most high-voltage fast charging USB PD chargers, which also includes Qualcomm certified QC4+ chargers.

For the Samsung S9, whether it supports the USB PD high-voltage fast charging or not does not seem to have much effect on its charging speed. During the test, most of the charger wats maintained between 9.5W~10W with almost the same battery power. 

The Samsung S9 original charger and the Apple 61W USB PD charger were used to charge the Samsung S9 from zero to 100%, respectively, and we used our POWER-Z KM001 to monitor the charging process. From the test power curve, the difference between the two is not significant, especially within the first hour; the charging currents were the same. However, when using the Apple USB PD charger, it entered a constant voltage charging mode a bit earlier than the Samsung original charger.

Compared to Samsung’s original AFC chargers, the USB PD charging speed does not differ too much. After half a hour, the battery level climbed up to 38 %, and then 77% at 1 hour, and  the phone was fully charged after a hour.


  1. Samsung S9 supports USB PD fast charge protocol, but the charging voltage is limited to 5V and doesn’t really support high voltage fast charging.
  2. Samsung S9 has a limit on charging power. Whether it supports USB PD high-voltage fast charging protocol or not, it only offers 10W fast charge.
  3. Apple’s original USB PD charger and Samsung’s original AFC charger have similar charging speed. Samsung S9 users may consider using the original chargers because buying a USB PD charger does not seem to make a big difference.