Today’s main subject is the new USB3.1 (Type-C) magnetic adapter. Apple is known for their magnetic charging ports.  The Magsafe charging port saves time when plugging the charging cable in and out as well as lowers the risk of tripping on the cables. Therefore, it was a surprise to many Apple consumers when Apple decided to remove the magnetic charging port and replaced it by a Type-C interface in the latest MacBook.

Since all the new MacBooks have adopted a Type-C interface, people are looking for ways to get the magnetic charging port feature back. Due to the popularization of the Type-C interface in notebooks, people’s demand for a Type-C magnetic interface is rapidly increasing. There are already a few that exist in the market, but users often run into two problems. The first is that most of the magnetic charging cables only feature a single-sided magnetic system and the second is it’s only compatible with 12V or below charging cables with a 2.0 data transmission. It does not work with USB3.1 4K video transmission, network transmission, or 10G speed transmission.

The Appearance

LINKPO aims to solve this problem by releasing aa tiny gadget that has a 20 pin full-featured USB3.1 magnetic adapter. It’s about the size of a 1 yuan coin, so pretty easy to carry around.

At first glance, you may think this USB3.1 adapter is a USB stick or card reader. However, if you take a closer look, you will find an LED light on the adapter that indicates if it’s on or off. The USB3.1 magnetic adapter is coated with a metallic material and looks similar to previous Apple laptop adapters. This adapter is composed of both a Type-C male and female base. The Type-C male comes in a shiny silver while the Type-C female base features a oxidized white color.

Since the  TYPE-C male’s design is extremely lightweight and retains the same MacBook charging cable apparence, it’ll just look one complete charger. The magnetic force between the Type-C male and the female base is quite strong to ensure for the accurate positional alignment and data transmission stability.

In addition to the strong magnetic force and accurate alignment, the adapter’s biggest feature is that it support both the positive and negative interpolation and USB3.1 transferring. The Type-C male and the female base features 10 groups of 20 gold-plated and 10u copper pins, the outermost two pairs are thicker, the power contacts, and the rest are data contacts. Compared with the previously seen  3-pin single group products, the 10 groups of 20-pin offers full support for the USB3.1. It can support 20V/5A power transmission, 4K video transmission, and 10Gbps data transmission. Not only that it can also support U disk, SD card reading, and more through the connection hub transmission network signal. 

This multi-pin design allows the adapter to work with both mobile phones and computers. As a result, the latest MacBook models which only feature a single interface will not be affected by using this adapter. For such a multi-functional product, it is amazing how such a small item can offer so many benefits and conveniences.

The Testing

We connected the Type-C magnetic adapter to the Apple 29W USB PD charger. According to our POWER-Z KT001, the LINKPO adapter supports USB PD communication and resulted in 5V and 14.8V respectively.

When using the POWER-Z KT001 to examine the Xiaomi 45W USB PD charger, it showed that the Type-C magnetic adapter didn’t affect any normal PD communication between the charger and the device.

We used a 29W original charger with the original charge line, but connected the Type-C magnetic adapter to it to charge a MacBook with only 38% left. Using the ChargerLAB POWER-Z KM001C, it showed that the voltage was 14.57V with 1.75A current and 25.5W power. To verify if the magnetic cord had any effect on the charging speed, we tested it on two Apple laptops. We used three different Apple chargers and cables and charged the devices when the battery life was about the same to compare the differences between a magnetic adapter and the normal adapter.

Note: The voltage current is in a constant fluctuation state in the charging process and the data above is the average value only.


Looking at all the data below, when the charger and equipment remained unchanged, the charging speed and data transmissions are basically consistent with or without the use of the magnetic charger. Therefore, this Type-C magnetic adapter does not affect the normal charging speed. In the data transmission, when the LINKPO magnetic adapter was not connected, the reading speed for the solid-state hard disk is about 478mb/s – in full speed state.

At the same time, through LINKPO magnetic adapter’s connection test with the hard drive, it showed that the minimum data reading speed is 474mb/s. This means that the LINKPO magnetic adapter does not only not impact the data transmission, but high-speed transmission capabilities. Even more, the LINKPO magnetic adapter fully supports 4K video transmission.


LINKPO’s fully functional 20 pin Type-C magnetic adapter offers the user a great deal of flexibility.  Personally, I think using this with a Type-C hub get the most use out of the product. You get all the Type-C functions with the convenience of a magnetic adapter when charging your devices, cable connections, 4K video transmission, and 10Gbps data copying. Most importantly, I don’t have to worry about tripping on cables ever again.


LINKPO is a company dedicated to the development and production of cell phone data lines, earphones, wireless chargers, as well as the pioneer in magnetic data lines in China. They passed the high-tech enterprise certification in 2017. After years of development, LINKPO has independent intellectual property rights and patents for invention patents (20151066978.3), utility model patents (201520801763.6), appearance patents (201530401951.5), and US patents.