For any of you that doesn’t know what MFi certified is, it is a manufacturing certification given to Apple’s external accessories manufactures to indicate that the product has met Apple’s performance and quality standards. However, there’s been some recent gossip going around that the MFi logo will change soon and all the certified third-party accessories are required to modify the MFi logo on all their products in the future.

According to an inside informer, Apple announced the packaging and MFi logo changes to their already certified manufactures on February 9th. Now, the manufactures will have 90 days to update their packagings and MFi logos. There are relevant guidelines available to download from the MFi portal: Marketing Materials-MFi Identity Guidelines February 2018.pdf to help assist with all the changes.

Previous Logo

New Logos


The 3 major changes of the new MFi logos:

  1. Instead of the 3 different Apple device logos, it’s been simplified to a single black Apple icon. 
  2. The order of products has been changed from “Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad” to “Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod.” This order change seems to be due to the popularity of each product line. 
  3. The font is changed.

It is worth noting that in recent year, Apple has increased the protection of its intellectual property rights. Therefore, third-party manufactures using MFi logos without official authorization from Apple will face great legal risks. 

About MFi:

MFi Program (“Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod”) is a licensing program for hardware and software developers working with Apple iPods, iPads, and iPhones. MFi is a shortened version of the original name “Made for iPod”. The program covers various device connectors including headphone jacks, original dock connectors, the newer lightning connectors, as well as Airplay support. Companies joining the MFi program and successfully passing the certification tests are able to use MFi-related logos on their products to demonstrate the quality of their products.