Apple users are royal to the brand. More often than not, most users don’t just own one Apple product, but a collection of devices from phones to watches to accessories. During their recent conference, Apple recently announced a few third party companies they recommend for their consumers. Amongst the recommended companies is a brand called Spigen. Spigen is an Californian based company that specializes in producing phone accessories.

Spigen’s newest fast charging wireless charger, the Spigen Essential® F306W iPhone Wireless Charger, supports charging speeds of up to 10W of power. Though the name says iPhone, it can support any smartphones equipped with wireless charging capabilities as well. Like Spigen’s previous wireless chargers, this one is powerful yet quite compact. The Essential® F306W is built with ControlHeat technology to protect the phone and prevent from overheating. Though the body is made out of aluminium, the top and bottom of the charger is built with non-slip rubber to keep the charger and phone in place.

On Spigen’s official website, the Essential® F306W charger is priced at $59.99, but it can be found on Amazon for $49.99. For those Apple costumers that are skeptical about third party brands, Spigen serves as a reliable alternative backed by Apple.