We know we already covered Samsung’s latest Galaxy S9 Wireless Charger, the EP-N5100,  before it was officially launched, but it is finally out now and we can finally confirm all the speculations. At first glance, you can see that Fast Charge is engraved on the front of the charger. TheEP-N5100’s appearance, however, are pretty similar with the previous model.

We were so happy to get our hands on the latest Galaxy S9 today and test the fast charging feature ourselves. Some of the major differences we noticed were: 

  1. Instead of the usual Fast Charge notification that shows up on the screen, it is now Wireless Fast Charge at an accelerated speed. 
  2. The power output was between 7.5W and 10W, but never reached 15W.
  3. For both the charging speed and the word choice for its system notification, the latest wireless fast charger has opted to be more conservative.

Samsung S9 is powered by a 3,000mAh battery and runs on a Snapdragon SDM845, but it only partially supports the QC2.0 fast charge. With a maximum power output of 10W, the power management solution is rather conservative.