The MWC, Mobile World Congress, is the largest mobile technology show where tech companies, distributors, engineers, marketers, and all industry professionals alike from all over the world gather in Barcelona each year. It’s only the first day, but some much has happened already.


The phone stealing the spotlight thus far has to be the Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus at their Samsung Unpacked event. The new generation’s physical apparence is quite similar to their previous Samsung Galaxy S8, but the inner hardware is very different. Check out the video below The Verge posted about the Samsung Galaxy S9.


Huawei didn’t introduce any new phones this year, but came out with a new tablet series and laptop. The premium tablet series, MediaPad M5, consists of 3 versions with varying specs, but all have the latest Android 8 Oreo software. However, it is their laptop, the MateBook X Pro, that is gaining most of the attention. It, of course, has Huawei’s latest software upgrades, but it’s the camera that comes with a bit of a twist. Watch the video below from Engadget to see what we mean.


Nokia introduced a variety of phones. There is something for everyone, from the tech challenged that wants to go back to flip phones to the tech savvy that wants the newest leading features. Nokia brought back their iconic Matrix banana phone as well as introduced the new Nokia 8 Sirocco that features a premium design, amongst others, at this year’s MWC.


Though Vivo is not as big as the companies listed above, it’s Apex phone features some futuristic elements. There are two attention catching features about Vivo’s Apex phone. The first is its in-screen fingerprint and the second is its pop-up selfie camera. However, this phone is still only in the concept phase, but it is still something we’ve never seen before and might be where cell phones are leading to in the future.

This is just a few of the products that captured our attention at the MWC 2018 so far. This year’s MWC started off on a bang and there is still so much left to see. We’ve already seen a retro banana phone to Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 to pop-up cameras, what else is next?