ORICO is renowned digital accessories brand with highly rated R&D, production, sales and technical service teams. ORICO holds a large influence in the tech storage field both nationally and globally. They recently launched a headphone holder. However, it’s not just any ordinary holder, this headphone holder also features PD charging function. 

The design of the ORICO AHS2 was inspired by the minimalistic aesthetic often found in the Nordic regions. The body is made out of a mix of alloy and plastic. The anodic oxidation process was used for the metal parts, while an electroplating process was used for the plastic parts. 

The whole stand is about 11 inches tall and is compatible with various types of headphones.

There is an anti-skid rubber ring on the bottom to stabilize the stand and prevent any movement. 

There are 2 USB Type-A and Type-C ports built into the bottom of the base. It has the same rate as a USB3.0 and supports a Type-C PD reverse power supply. Additionally, there are 2 3.5mm audio jacks that you can connect headphone to. Not only does it function as a headphone stand, but you can also charge wireless headsets or connect with the 3.5mm audio jack.