Today’s charger we’re taking apart is Anker’s latest dual USB wall charger. Anker’s signature packaging, a classic blue and white combo.

The product description is printed on the back.

The package came with the wall charger and an user’s manual.

Dual IQ USB output.

The foldable plug makes it easy to store and travel with .

It features a single port with a power output of 5V2.4A. The output is suitable for Apple user, however, most Andriod phones now have fast charging capabilities. 

With ultrasonic welding, the case can be easily opened.

The front and the back of the circuit board. All of the parts are placed in order with a neat weld. The loose parts are glued

The power adapter input protects the circuit and the EMI.

The parallel specifications of the main capacitor are 400V 33 μF and 15 μF

The brand of the main capacitor is AiSHi.

One side of the main control switch tube has metal fins. PWM is fixed by insulated glue and the blue part next to the PWM is an anti-jamming capacitor.

It’s a non-magnetic USB socket.

USB Electrolytic Capacitor 1500μF6.3V.

The back of the synchronous rectifier power supply circuit with synchronous rectifier MOS cooling function. Cheng Semiconductor TCP1101 current-limited USB chip. The latest Semiconductor TCP1101 adopts SMT SOT-23-6; the smallest one amongst its counterparts. Its interior integrates an ultra-low resistance 16mω MOSFET current-limited programmable, with a current limit of 3A ±7%, operating voltage ranges are 2.7v-6.5v. Both output and data lines encompasses electrostatic discharge (ESD ) ,Hbm>8kv,iec 61000-4-2 air discharge >15kv, contact discharge >8kv. Rectifier bridge TMBF310. CT Micro Technology Co., Ltd. ct357c optocoupler. USB intelligent recognition IC. PWM is cellwise-semi Cellwise CW3002F.

Wuxi China Resources Semico Co., Ltd MOSFET model CS7N60F; users can download the CS&N65F file from its official website, with their 600V and 650V pressure range.

MOSFET  model HY3503P and synchronous rectifier controllers and siyin MPS MP6901.

Leverages POWER-Z fast charging mode, dual USB connectors are supported in the same format and only support Apple BC1.2.