The Apparence

At first glance, Lenovo’s 45W PD charger is quite small and compact. It is slightly larger than an average smartphone’s charger. It comes with an unfoldable-prong design and features an US standard AC plug.

Weight: 186g

A close-up of the Type- C port.

The Testing

The ChargerLAB POWER-Z KM001 tester shows the voltage output are 5V, 3A; 12V, 3A; 20V, 2.2A, respectively. It’s slightly different from the product description.

We use the Legendary PD decoy device for EBD test and it shows that it supports a maximum of 5V/3.6A, 4.66V (PD protocol) with an output power of 16.7W; the voltage is rather low, but the voltage output may be affected by the long cable and the power transfer. At 12V, it exceeds the EBD measurement range of 35W and the 3A output capacity. As the voltage increases, the line loss is no longer noticeable. At 20V, it also exceeds the EBD measurement range of 35W.


The Disassembling

With the ultrasonic welding shell and the seam in the middle, it’s not difficult to open.

There are two large aluminium shield  and a plastic insulation separator.

The inner side of the shield strap buckle is covered by 3M tape for insulation purpose. There are silicone thermal adhesive glue on the charger switch transformer and heat sinks to the main capacitor that hold them together with the aluminium shield.

The side with solder pins.

The front of the PCB is largely covered by silicone thermal adhesive glue.

Remove the silicone thermal adhesive glue; you can see two heat fins, one large and one small.

On the large heat fin, there is a silicon bridge and the primary switch. AC power through a block of fuse then transits into two EMI filter circuit, and then rectification, and filter.

Taiwan Brand MST Fuse T3.15A 250V CQ MST, a popular choice for big brand, there is logo on the common mode inductance.

There is a barcode on the Yellow Carli battery.

The bridge rectifier, KBP208GL,  2A , 800V.

The main filter capacitor, Rubycon 420V, 82μF, and the adjacent heat sink are covered by the silicone thermal adhesive glue silicone thermal adhesive glue for insulation purpose.

A switched-capacitor voltage on the side 100V6.8μF

The output voltage, Rubycon 25V, 1000μF.

Y capacitor.

It is white in the front right under the PCB.

Primary side PWM chip.


Weltrend USB PD Controller WT6630P.

The main switch: Toshiba TK11A65D, 11A / 650V TO220F N-channel MOS FET.

Schottky II rectifier diode: US Vishay Intertechnology (Tianjin, China) V40100C, 40A 100V. Main switch: Toshiba TK11A65D, 11A / 650V TO220F N-channel MOS FET.

Shell material: PC.

In the field of notebook computers, especially ultrabooks, PD power is gradually occupying the market. All the brands are stepping up their own PD power product line. As for the Lenovo charger, it’s made by LiteOn  technology and Telcast with solid workmanship, quality and reasonable price.