Belkin Wireless Charger has a power output of 15V/1.5A. It’ a white wireless charger and comes with a USA AC power plug.

A long cable that facilitates the charging experience.

Specifications are printed on the front.

It comes with a 3.5mm power supply wall adapter.

It weights 117g.

Remove the case and you can see the wires that are glued together.

After removing the adhesive layer, we separated the PCB from the case.

We wiped off the remaining glue.

Zhongyuan battery 400V47μF.

There is a built-in cooling system on the switch tube.

The adapter uses an EE16 transformer and there is a white optocoupler on the left.

There is a Y-capacitor to reduce the common mode (CM) electromagnetic interference.

A 3.15A / 250V Time-lag fuse.

CT817C optocoupler.

The input impedance and X capacitance.

The X capacitor to reduce the electromagnetic interference.

ACON electrolytic capacitor.

Across a secondary side of the safety Y capacitance.

A CCSRF certificate capacitance.

Electrolytic output capacitor at 680μF25V.

A high-performance brand, Silan micro MOS tube SVF4N65CAF.

There is a output coil for filtering.

The motherboard consists of plastic tube insulation.

There is an ABS210 rectifier bridge on the back and the switch pad is isolated.

The charger uses high quality material, but comes with an Optocoupler +431. plus its delicate craftsmanship, the power output is stable, and other details are also done in place, the overall quality of the charger is good.