Xiaomi MiJia recently launched a car inverter with the ability to provide AC output for portable devices. It has dual USB charging ports, compatible with any national standard jack (double/triple hole), and is equipped with a maximum output power of 100W. The price for the inverter is around $30.

The Unboxing

An image of the charger is depicted on the white package. The main shape of the charger resembles a cup-like structure with a car plug-in extension attached on the side. Looking at the top of the box, you can see MiJia’s logo.

The name of the product, MiJia Power Inverter Car Charger,  and all its specifications are printed on the sides of the package.

Specification details:

Product Model: CZNBQ-1QM

Dimension and weight: about 580g

Product size: 72 * 70 * 125mm

Input voltage: 12V (DC), 10A MAX

Output voltage: 220V ~, 0.45A, 50Hz

USB port output: 5V3.1A

Single USB port output: 5V2.4A

Manufacturer: ChingMi (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd

The first thing you see when opening the top of the box is the user’s manual.

The inner packaging.

The Power Inverter Car Charger has a cup shape with rounded corners, which is quite different from ordinary bulky square-shaped car chargers. The dust-proof magnetic cap on the top is made out of aluminium alloy; similar to the material used in Macbooks.

There is an orange GB jack to connect to the power.

The dust-proof magnetic cap and USB ports.

The USB charging ports and GB jack are covered by the dust-proof magnetic cap with the dual USB ports built into the cap. The cable is thick to provide over-current protection.

The product model, input and output parameters, and ‘MiJia’ logo are all printed on the base of the Inverter Car Charger.

The Testing

The dual USB ports on the MiJia Inverter Car Charger has a maximum power of 5V/3.1A. However, with the AC port, the total maximum output comes out to be 100W. Here is a simple test we did by using the ChargerLab POWER-Z KT001 to test the power. 

USB port charging an iPhone 8 Plus (5V / 1.8A) and it shows support for Apple’s charging protocol.

We used it to charge a Samsung S8+ (5V/1.77A) and it operates in a DCP mode as well.

Charging the new MacBook via GB jack with a load of 25W.

The three ports can charge simultaneously without any problems.

In Conclusion:

The initial impression of Xiaomi MiJia’s first ever power inverter car charger is that it has an unique design and its appearance is quite eye-catching. However it’s its size and power that has kept the attention of the public. The charger is lightweight, portable, and has a maximum output of 100W; powerful enough to charge a notebook as shown by our testings. More importantly, this  power inverter car charger only costs about $30, making it even more appealing to customers.