Huawei recently uploaded a Youtube video about its next-generation technology for fast charging. The new technology is claimed to charge smartphone batteries 10 times faster than conventional batteries. Huawei has been a pioneer in developing the latest fast charging technology in its Huawei Watt Lab. Shown in the video, the technology charges 48% of the battery (3000mAh) in just 5 minutes. Some of you might remember, Huawei already released a fast charging technology back in 2015 and the new video appears to be quite similar to the video Huawei posted in 2015.

Another interesting observation that it is worth noting in the video is that the 3000mAh capacity with an energy density above 620 Wh/L was placed in a charging device rather than  charging the smartphone directly. A 600mAh battery was shown charging to 68 % in 2 minutes.  

Huawei claims that the breakthrough for this technology was achieved through changing the molecular structure of the anode material. The new anode material has a physical/chemical dual lithium storage function and manages to achieve ‘high charging efficiency’ without sacrificing battery life.

The public has shown a great deal of interest in this technology. GSMArena believes that Huawei might launch such technology in February’s MWC, together with the P-series Smartphone.