In addition to the previously talked about Belkin and Mophie chargers, ANKER is also a big player in the market. ANKER is best known for selling popular charging cables and power banks. However, to accommodate the recent wireless charging trend, they too have introduced their own wireless charger. The ANKER A2156 is the newest fast charging wireless charger and the subject of today’s topic. We are taking a look at the outer and inner workings of the ANKER A2156 and this is what we found below.

The ANKER packaging is quite simple. Specifications are printed on the package. Input: 5V/2A; Output: 5V/1A; offering an 18-month warranty.

It comes with a wireless charger and Micro USB cable in the package. 

ANKER’s Logo is printed on the USB cable; the cable is made out of high-quality material.

The base of the wireless charging pad is outlined with a blue rim.

Specifications are also printed at the bottom of the stand. Model: A2516, input 5V2A output 5V1A, SN code: FZ7404ET.

There is an anti-slip rubber coating on the charger pad.

There is a micro USB port on the side of the stand.

The device has LED lights to indicate if it is on or not.

To disassemble the charger, we first removed the sticky adhesive tape on the pad; the PCB and the plate were glued together. After it’s removed, the inner workings of the charger is revealed with multiple layers and elements.

With so many tech companies releasing wireless chargers, this is just the beginning of leading a cable-less world, which we are here for. Seeing all the gadgets CES 2018 had to offer, we’re excited to see how fast technology will advance in the near future. Hopefully some day soon, the charger itself can be wireless as well.