No one likes to carry around cables, it’s such a hassle. Though wireless charging have been around for a couple years, it has caught the attention of a mass consumer market recently due to the introduction of the new Apple iPhones. The new iPhone 8/8 plus, and X have Qi capability enabling them to be abled to charge wirelessly. Thanks to these new phones, a large sector of smartphone users are now open to the wireless charging market. The principle for wireless charging is not complicated, there are basically three different types of wireless charging methods such as inductive, magnetic resonant coupling, and electromagnetic radiation. Inductive coupling induce coupling-based WPT which makes use of magnetic field induction to generate a magnetic field for power transmission. Magnetic resonant coupling, on the other hand, involves a typical magnetic resonant coupling system consisting of two electromagnetic subsystems with the same natural resonance frequency, enabling efficient power transfer. As for electromagnetic radiation, it requires a microwave source to collect microwave energy and convert it into direct current. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the popular Mophie charger.

Mophie is a California-based technology company that manufactures accessories for high tech devices and cellphones. The company’s main products are portable charging accessories, in particular, phone cases with secondary batteries contained within. Basically, a phone case that can charge your phone. Mophie’s wireless charger is an authorized accessory for Apple products so users can purchase it without the worry of damaging their devices.

An illustration of the wireless charging base is depicted on the package.

The box comes with a power adapter and a wireless charging base.

The power adapter comes with a DC jack and a high-quality daisy chain with special anti-hum.

Power Adapter Model: AC-ADAPTR-BLK-CN, Input voltage:100-240v~0.6a Hz, Output voltage:19v1.3a, Manufacturer: Dongguan Fuqiang Electronic Co., Ltd.

Wireless charging base SN code: 133817181625, Input voltage19V1.3A

The DC power supply port features a concave design with touch points behind the security sticker.

The surface-mount components are exposed after removing the base cover of the wireless charger.

The hexagon socket screws hold the circuit board and there is LED that indicates its charging status.

The security sticker from the charger was removed to reveal the coils. Looking at the metal cover plate, it shows great craftsmanship and made with decent materials. When examining the PCB traces and the components that connect to it, we discovered 3 synchronous rectified controllers and 5 1206 NPO multilayer ceramic capacitors.

The wireless charging emission circuit is directly welded together with the DC power module; there are half- bridge series-parallel resonant converters on the side and five 1206 NPO multilayer ceramic capacitors in the centre. The MOS (DC3903) is manufactured by Potens Semiconductor Corp.

Mophie sees the vast market opportunity in wireless charger and have been active in becoming one of the first pioneers to offer smartphone users convenient charging options without the inconvenience of cables. This is only the beginning for the wireless charging world and Mophie is sure to take full advantage of the rising market by being one of the most innovate players.