One of the newest trends that we have noticed at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2018 is the rising popularity in wireless charging. This rising trend is largely thanks to Apple and their newly released iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Apple incorporated fast and Qi charging in their newest iPhones, enabling it to charge the phones wirelessly. A variety of companies, established and startups, have jumped on the opportunity to capitalize on the new market. Today, we will be looking at a few that stood out from the crowd at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.


Belkin is of the leading brands in the charging market. At the CES 2018, they introduced new wireless charging pads as well as a wireless car charger under the product line name BoostUp. Belkin introduced a new Qi-enable wireless charging pad that comes in 4 different colors ranging from white, black, navy, to a pastel pink. The design is minimalistic and modern, most likely aimed to attract Apple users. A stand can be purchased to prop the charging pad vertically as well so users can charge and use their devices comfortably. Consumers can also invest in the dual wireless charging to charge 2 iPhones at the same time. It is essentially 2 of the single charging pads combine together into a larger pad.

In addition to making it more convenient to charge your phones indoors, Belkin also released a new wireless car charger to allow easy charging on the go. The BoostUp Car Mount just needs to be attached to the dashboard or window and charge your phone free of wires. All of these products by Belkin can support 10W, making it possible to fast charge iPhones as well as any other smartphones.

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iOttie is coined as one of the most stylish wireless chargers introduced this year at the convention. With its appearance capturing most of the attention, iOttie’s wireless charger is an iON wireless charging pad with the outer layer made out of cloth. It comes in 5 different looks to go with the decor of any room as you can see below. The charger is compact and powerful. This iOttie wireless charging pad can output up to 15W at full speed to let users charge their devices efficiently.

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Corsair introduced a rather unique wireless charging pad by introducing a wireless keyboard and mouse pad. It is aimed more towards the gaming community to let gamers charge their wireless mouse easily. However, the wireless mouse pad can double as a charging pad for smartphones that have Qi capabilities. Therefore, the new iPhones as well as Samsung devices can take advance of this mouse pad by treating as a charging pad as well. The dimensions of the mouse pad is measure around 10 x 14 inches with the top right corner of the pad being Qi charging compatible.

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As you can see, this is just the beginning for the wireless charging world. With the new iPhones being Qi compatible, more and more companies are releasing new and improve wireless chargers. A new wave of wireless charging is taking off and tech companies are ready to take full advantage of the trend. There is a wireless charger aimed at everyone, from the tech savy consumers to gamers to style conscious buyers. Hopefully, this will help consumers free up a bit of tangle in their lives, even if it is only their charging cables.