mushroom lamp iphone charger zision x idmix
If, for whatever reason, you’ve ever thought “man, I wish my lamp had an iPhone charger,” then China’s ZISION X IDMIX has you covered with its Mushroom Lamp. Recently launched via Kickstarter, the project is clean and simple: a tiny atmospheric light source and iPhone charger rolled into one. Pairing natural maple construction with a blown glass globe (so no two are exactly alike), the Mushroom boasts a 5,000 mAh lithium polymer battery to offer up to eight hours of continuous lighting or two entire charging cycles for your smartphone.

mushroom lamp iphone charger zision x idmix

Measuring just 140mm x 140mm x 132mm, the Mushroom Lamp can be pre-ordered now by backing the project for just $49 USD. ZISION X IDMIX is currently looking to fund the project with $10,000 USD in pledges by June 17 while backers will begin receiving the final product the following month.

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